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Pull Up Resistant Bar
Pull Up Resistant Bar
Pull Up Resistant Bar
Pull Up Resistant Bar
Pull Up Resistant Bar

Pull Up Resistant Bar

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Pull-Up Resistance Bar 


Product Description: 


Doing Pull-ups as part of your daily workout regime is a great way to increase upper body strength. Using this device, anyone can do a pull-up! The resistance will assist you when pulling up without compromising proper form or results. The band can easily be adjusted so that you can be consistently progressing on your pull-ups. 


You no longer need to settle for average pull-ups, this device lets you increase your reps so that you can get a full upper body workout anywhere! 


Features and Benefits 



It’s made from high-grade steel and a strong threaded rope attachment that is made to never wear down and ensure safety. 



It can be adjusted to fit any height. Adjusting the height of the band will also change the resistance of your exercise.  



This device can easily be packed into any gym bag and you can set it up anywhere that there’s a bar!