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Eye Massager
Eye Massager
Eye Massager
Eye Massager
Eye Massager

Eye Massager

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1. USB charging, small and portable.

2. color light care
+Red (delicate eye skin),
+Blue (relaxed eyes, firming and elasticity, causing puffiness),
+Yellow (relaxed eyes, use with eye cream, promote nutrition introduction),
+Mixed light (three functions on top) four different light effects, relieve eye fatigue, prevent eye skin against aging, Firm the skin and reduce fine lines of eyes.

3. 38-45 ℃ temperature can be adjusted according to different people's needs. Comfortable hot compress massage temperature, warm massage eyes, better promote the absorption of eye cream, so skin care products play a greater value. 4.3 vibration massage: according to different needs, choose different massage intensity, deeply massage the skin eye, take away the fatigue of the day.

5.vibration + hot compress, black gallstone massage head, with natural magnetism, can fully absorb the nutrition of skin care products, relax the tired eyes of a day, thoroughly wake up the sleeping eye cells, recombine the disordered eye fibers, effectively shed the pigment precipitate , And completely repair the aging and dry eye skin, various eye bags, edema and black eye circles, and bloodshot eyes.